Monthly Archives: May 2009

Friday Freakout 1

The Sims 3 While I did enjoy playing around with my little sims in both previous games, I have never been an avid Sims player. I did not buy any of the 15+ expansions that were released for the previous games, and I doubt I will be buy any for […]

Thursday Thoughts

Prototype on the Xbox360 or PC? That is the question of the day. In the past I have almost always selected the PC version of a game if its available on both platforms. This was because almost always one these first three arguments heavily favored the PC; better controls, mod […]

Wednesday Wobble

Twitter It was about five months ago when I decided to jump into the world of twitter and since then twitter has become for me a sort of proxy for listening and chatting at the “watercooler” (at ensemble it was really the coffee maker).  I am naturally a sort […]

Movie Watch

Star Trek = Good. No, it was really good. So good I am trying to encourage everyone to go see it. Support this movie, because I want more of this Star Trekk and I want it soon. It was so entertaining in fact that it made me do a quick […]