Monthly Archives: June 2009

Monday Maddness

Prototype Over the weekend I spent several hours enjoying Prototype. I was expecting a bit more of an “open world” game, one in which I could explore around the city and find all sorts of activities to do while ignoring the “plot”.  This game instead has activities which unlock […]

Some Movie Posters

An old friend of mine has a new movie review based blog; Babble-on 5. Today he poster his top five movie posters, and while I think the five he picked are great there are several more I would have to consider for my list. I am sure given more time […]

E3 ’09: Thoughts part 1

Even though I have seen the smoke and mirrors first hand I still fall for it every year. You need to remember that while watching all the E3 coverage E3 is all about generating hype. Yes, sometimes that hype is achieved by showing what is mostly real gameplay, but for […]