Hellgate: A Few Weeks Later

Yes the game has problems. Some of these problems are big, most are medium to small; depending on who you ask. But it does have problems.

That fact has not stopped me from playing. A lot. Really the basic mechanics of killing baddies, getting stuff, leveling up and killing more stuff is fun. They got right the part that , for me , is most important and it kept me playing.

I still do not see reason for a subscription, nor do I feel they should stick to their “content for subs” plan. They should patch the bugs, add in UI / game play features that are missing, but save all their content. Get enough of it done to justify $20, then release an expansion. Done.

I doubt they listen to me, but at least the first patch shows they are listening to mob. In what I feel is a shocking move, the patch today unlocks 24 character slots for non-subs. Sure it also addressed some bugs; who cares about that when they give away for “free” what I feel is currently was the biggest reason to subscribe. I am not sure what they have planned, but hats off to FSS.

If not for the fact that I am still on my first play through of Mass Effect, I would probably be back in London tonight helping fight off the demon scourge. For now it will have to wait at least a few more days.

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