Comment on a simpler time

I just read a post on Ixobelle’s blog that really struck a cord with me. Go read it…

For a while now I have been complaining about the lack of mystery or fear of the unknown in MMOs. With all the 3rd party (and even first party) external information source there is virtually nothing you have to learn on your own in MMOs, and that makes me sad.  I want to actually explore a new section of the world, not knowing where the path in the woods will take me. I want to face a new encounter not knowing exactly how it is going to play out.  So just as Ixobelle has done, I have avoided Ulduar information that has spread throughout the web.

Yet on the flip side, I have no problem at all having a game that provides or allows players to maximize the information presented in the game. And I also expect that upon the repeated vists to raid encounters that members should have a good understanding of what they should be doing.

Sort of a paradox, I know. *shrug*

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