E3 ‘09: Thoughts part 2

Yes, I know I did not make it back last night; sorry. (Apologizing to myself is a bit odd *shrug*) Anyway after the break I get back to my quick hits about games and game news from E3’09

All Racing Games

Since I am not a big fan of the genere, all I hear when a racing game comes on screen is chatter about; lots of cars, customizable, fast, destruction, tracks, tricks, zoom zoom, blah blah.  Sorry racing game but if you don’t allow me to install oil slicks, smoke, rockets, mines, machine guns, and other ways to eliminate my opponents then I am just not interested.

Sports Games

I admit, there was a time when I was a big fan of sports games. That time was College. Back then there were always a ton of people around that also wanted to play and that made all sports game more fun. Now, I am the only player in the room which leaves my interest level at close to zero. Though I am impressed with the ways sports games are starting to integrate multilayer more.

God of War 3

When I finally got around to playing the first game in the series I was impressed. It pulled me through and consistently impressed me with its art direction and level of action. Seeing the third game reminds me that I really, really should play the second and again how much Sony needs to lower the price of the PS3.  What that means is; oh my gosh this game looks like a whole lot of actiony violent fun.

Dante’s Inferno

All I have seen is cinematic footage, and from it I conclude this is a game that wants to be God of War and maybe Shadow of the Colossus. Though in the end I suspect fail.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

I don’t think I have played more than maybe an hour of any Ratchet & Clank game, but I do recognize their “goodness”. This game is no exception, and is again another high point for the Ps3.

The Agency

Please. Oh pretty please be good. From what I have seen it looks to use a bit of the Free Realms class system, in which changing what you wear changes what you can do. And missions may require you to do a variety of different things. Thus far I thought the use of teammates to accomplish tasks, the way you move from public to private instances, and the smoothness of the shooty bits all add up to “fun”. Though again I will temper my excitement with the knowledge that E3 is all about Hype.


Everything I am reading and seeing says I should like this game. Gearbox, don’t screw this up and don’t over think it.  New art style looks fine, and I believe does help you stand out a bit from other sci-fish games.


Hmmm. Interesting concept. Coordinated large player verses player shooter, action. If this game were on the PC I would probably be more interested. Though since I can not even begin to be competitive using the thumb sticks, I will just watch this one from the side. Oh and are there enough Ps3 owners to consistently find and fill open 256 v 256 battles?

Heavy Rain

Yes please. While I did not finish Fahrenheit I enjoyed the heck out of what I did play and would love to see more “adventure” games like this. Down side… PS3. Gah! Stupid sony and their exclusives. Oh and btw, the game looks fantastic.

Halo: ODST and Reach

I know its sacrilege to many, but I never found Halo to be that great of an FPS. It was good, and fun but I have several more FPS that I would rank higher than Halo. That said, Bungie understands presentation, and even I am looking forward to playing through the events that occurred in New Mambassa. As for Reach; well thus far they have said nothing thus so will I.

Alan Wake

A bit of shooter + a bit of Silent Hill + gorgeous graphics = me buying if the controls are good. We need more games that tell actual storys and if Remedy can provide some within this thriller looking title then I will buy it. Maybe it will help me forget that I can not play Heavy Rain.


$249 You must be kidding. Sorry Sony, I am not biting. You want me to believe that you are going to continue to support both the UMD and non-UMD versions of the hardware? Bah. If you want to eliminate the retail outlets and used UMD market then you are going to have to lower the price of your machine, by a lot. Make it $169 and I will put it on my wish list.

FFIV Online

If Square decided to join this generation of MMO design and make the game not a grouping, grinding punishment of a game then yes I am interested. Heck I am interested even if they have not changed their design. Why? Because FFXI had great art, animation, sound, and a bit of story telling that sucked me in for a few almost wonderful months. 🙂

The Last Guardian

Uhmmm, oh my goodness go watch this and tell me you don’t want to know more about those two characters. Amazing. Simply amazing.

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