Roller Coaster

Wow, the last few weeks have been a roller coaster.

Three weeks ago I was unemployed hoping that a job lead I was perusing would actually come through.

It did, and then two weeks ago I had my first day on the job right as the team I joined was finishing up one milestone and jumping forward toward their next; a very important one.

Now, today, I just finished my second week in my new position with my head a bit spinning at how much things have changed, and how much I still have to learn.

I really enjoy working again.  It felt fantastic to step into an office and work with a team of people all focused on producing a fantastic product. I am very blessed for this opportunity and really would like to see it turn into a long term deal.

Now moving forward I might blog about my general feelings about how work interacts with other parts of my life, but this blog will stay a place for me to ramble on about games, movies, books, tv, etc. that I consume or interact with. It is not a behind the curtains look into my position at work with me going on with details about my work, ramblings about specific office stuff, or making comments about my company’s titles.

Time now to return to get to writing a game based post.

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