Yearly Archives: 2007

Gaming with 2007 games

Since I don’t have the time, money or desire to play every game released within a year I tend to shy away from making statements about what the “game of the year” should be. But that will not stop me from talking about the games released this year that I […]

The Mass Effect

I should have made this post a couple of weeks ago when I completed my first run through of the game, but I have been lazy again. Summary: While the game struggles in some areas, it was still an engaging experience all the way through. Details:I really enjoy the game, […]

EQ2 UI mods

I forgot to mention in my previous EQ2 post , that the game does have a good number of built in UI customibility as well as provide some additional user modification. Being who I am, I of course had to jump out and test a few out, settling on these: […]

Some thoughts on my 360

It has been almost a year since I received my xbox360, and I do not think I have mentioned it much. Which is probably due to me not playing it as much as messing around on my computer. That is not to say I have not played anything, I have […]

Hellgate: A Few Weeks Later

Yes the game has problems. Some of these problems are big, most are medium to small; depending on who you ask. But it does have problems. That fact has not stopped me from playing. A lot. Really the basic mechanics of killing baddies, getting stuff, leveling up and killing more […]

Four hours in Hellgate London 1

After finding myself itching to play a little bit of Hellgate each night I was in the beta, I decided to got ahead and pick up the retail version. Here are some thoughts after about four hours of play. My nit-picks: Animations still not great, but things do seem a […]