Riding on my Netherdrake

Yes it has been an unacceptable amount of time since my last post. I am a terrible blogger. 🙁

So many things going on my thoughts are chaotic.

First things first. My daughter is the most amazing part of my life. I cannot even come close to describing how awesome it is to see her walk, learn to feed herself, climb up playground steps, or any of the other hundred things she does. I am simply overwhelmed with joy. She is so meticulous when she investigates new things, and she is so tidy when she makes a mess. She is also very persuasive when she brings me my shoes because she wants to go outside. Amazing.

The second big thing is the fact that my wife is now a stay at home mom. This, while very hard on the budget, has made everyone very, very happy. So thankful we are in a position to do this, at least for a while. Although the whole prospect of insurance frustrates me and deserves its own post.

Third, I am still working at Ensemble. They found a way to keep me on without me not working for three months, and I am very thankful for that. Now if things can fall into place and a full MS gig would open up, then things would be really great.

Fourth, I am still playing wow. Not a big surprise, but the what I find more interesting is that I am still most often playing my hunter after hitting level 70. Its really cool, how blizzard built in a whole lot fun small group and solo goals into the BC xpack that keep me busy after reaching the level cap. The big goals, getting attuned for Karahzan and gaining a netherdrake, were both accomplished in the last week. Now comes the hard part, actually going to kara. 🙂

To end this post, I wanted to make mention of a few wow sites I have found to be daily reads for me lately; BigRedKitty and WoWinsider.

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