E3 ’09: Thoughts part 1

Even though I have seen the smoke and mirrors first hand I still fall for it every year. You need to remember that while watching all the E3 coverage E3 is all about generating hype. Yes, sometimes that hype is achieved by showing what is mostly real gameplay, but for most games on display its about showing the best looking and sounding bits a studio can piece together for the show.

With that public service announcement out of the way time let me share the first batch of my thoughts.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

I have only played a couple of the Splinter Cell games, and I fell in love with them. They were really great Sneaky Spy games and this one looks to continue the trend. Though seeing it reminded me that I really need to play Double Agent. I have so many games I need to play.

Crackdown 2

Only a CGI trailer, and its not being done by the same studio, so I am holding my hype very much in check. I fear the whole “this is what made crackdown 1 good but if it only had X it would have been great” syndrom. DON’T do it, Crackdown and its simplicity was what made it great. I don’t need monsters, crazy boss battles, loot, or rpg skill trees. Please don’t do it, just identify me as a good guy and point me to the bad guys. Done.

Brutal Legend

While I was never a “rocker” I can appreciate the humor and the head nod to rockers of the past. Thumbs ups on some of the voice cast, and Jack Black is awesome. I hope this game sells well.

Dragon Age: Orgins

I want to like this game, but some marketing idot at EA or Bioware has ruined it for me with their terrible choice of music. Now when I simply see the logo I gringe, that is not the response your marketing campaign should want.  Still hoping the game is good.

Mass Effect 2

Yes ME1 had some issues, but I still loved the game and I am eager to get back to that universe and see how things fair for my captain Shepperd.

Star Wars the Old Republic

I am just hoping that the cinematic they released (which is awesome) is not simply some jedi mind trick and that the game will be half as good as they are hyping it to be. They really need to stop talking about how they are revultionizing story in mmo’s and show us.

Assassins Creed 2

I was glad they finally got around to showing off some gameplay at the Sony Press conference, it was worth the wait. I just hope they don’t leave me at the end feeling like I did in the first one; as though I had spent my whole time playing only to reveal that I would have to buy a second game.

Left 4 Dead 2

*sigh* I enjoyed the heck out of what I played of the first game, but I never felt it had enough content to justify what I paid for it. So to see a sequal one year later, makes me a bit squeemish. If “2” has the same amount of content as 1 I will not be buying until they have dropped the price.

Uncharted: Among Thieves

I want this game. It looks great, but alas its Ps3 only so for now it goes in the “maybe someday” pile. Note to sony: I want to buy and play games for the Ps3, but your refusal to sell it at a reasonable price stops me.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare blew me away. It was above and beyond anything I expected, leaving me very excited about 2 and the game play footage just fueled that fire.


At this point *yawn*. Perfect example of hyping for so long that I am not excited anymore. Of course I will probably end up buying it, but this week not very interested.

—more thoughts later tonight—

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