Life has been very busy over the last month.  This means I’ve not taken the time to write a new post, but instead I’ve been quick firing thoughts to my friends via instant messenger, Twitter, or using in game chat.   So I wanted to write up something quick just to let myself know that during this time of early 2011, I was still alive.

First up, Reality TV.

I decided that I was going to watch the current seasons of both Amazing Race and Survivor, and so far they have been very entertaining.  What they show us each week, provides some interesting insights into real social competitive gaming, though I do wish I could see more of footage from each show. I know so much of the social interactions and ‘gaming’ that happens is left on the edit room floor, since it does not match the story the producers want to tell for that week.

Survivor, is the better game between the two, but ‘Race does have some interesting interpersonal dynamics that at least keep it watchable.
Next up, Gaming.

Rift, with a little Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and a sprinkle of the Mortal Kombat demo.   In Rift my main is level 39, and I’m still having a good time each night.  Though if it were not for the Rifts and Invasions, I would have probably already stopped playing.  Those dynamic events, plus the soul system, are what keep me coming back each night.  Sure the rest of the game is good, solid and polished, but none of the rest of the game stands out a better than the alternatives; except the Rifts and Soul System.

I’m really interested in how GW2 and SWTOR, will integrate story more into the MMO experience, and don’t see Rift holding me very long after either of the other two become available.  Of course those 2 are still a long way off, and there is little else on the MMO horizon, so Rift and I have become close friends.

As for the fighting games, my daughter loves MVC3. She has no idea how to do any moves (and really neither do I), but she loves to pick characters, mash buttons, and watch cool stuff happen. And since I love to watch her enjoy games, its a win.

Then there is Mortal Kombat, a game series that I should dislike due to its over embracing of violence and gore, but one that I have enjoyed the fighting mechanics of.   I have not played MK since 3 or maybe 3Ultimate, so I can not say for sure, but gosh this current iteration plays a whole lot like original MK but with a fancy new look.   It is spot on MK fun, and I might just have to pick it up.   My only reservation is games I can’t play with the kiddo have a lot less value to me, and $60 is a lot to spend for a game only I will play.  Time will tell.



I have been a reading slacker.  I set up a goodreads account, and starting entering books into it, and but since then I’ve not been unable to get myself to take time to actually buy and read any books. I’m a Slacker.


’till next time.

Time for me to help the kiddo earn some coin for her Webkinz.   Stay safe.

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