Note to my future self my recent posting frequency

Dear future self,

When you look back on this blog in the future and wonder why your post frequency dropped to below even your normal drip of updates, remember these words:

Borderlands 2 and Google+

Future self, remember all the time you spent doing your small part on BL2, and how easy it was to post thoughts to the world on Google+.  Also remember how you always told yourself you would right up longer more coherent thoughts on what ever subject had you excited or riled up? Ya, I’m sorry that never happened.

Take a deep breath future self.  I hope you will forgive me.

Right now if I sit down at the computer and I’m not doing something work related, I really just want to enjoy the latest cool game like; Tera Online (ya that game really did not have anything to hold my interest), Diablo 3 (how the heck did they mess itemization of loot up that bad? Oh ya the AH), and The Secret World (whoa Funcom lunched a game without some absolutely terrible issue).    It is just so much easier to post quick thoughts on Google+ or have conversions with people there, than it is to spend time writing up anything close to a proper blog post.

So future self, that’s the deal. I might have come back and wrote more stuff, but at least now you know why there is a big gap.

See ya.

Present Self.

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