Alert. Alert. Server Down!

My job allows me a bit of gaming freedom, that most jobs do not. I can usually pop onto WoW a couple of times through out the day and get something done. Often its a quick daily quest, a scan of the auction house, or testing of new mods. Its become part of my daily life; yes I know that’s a bit crazy.

I have become so used to this that when my server is down when I do not expect it, I am thrown off. Out of habit I keep trying to log on, even though I no the sever is not going to be up for an hour. Tuesday scheduled maintenance is hard enough on me, but then to have the servers drop off in the middle of day; its an internet tragedy.

Ok, maybe it is not really that bad. Though I do suspect I am a bit more addicted to this blasted game than I wanted to admit. *Deep Breath*, now back to work.

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