Operation Contacts 01

On the job search front, I keep sending resumes out to what mostly feels like impersonal machine hive minds and not actual people looking to hire someone. This makes me sad, since every place I apply to I would love to work at.

So today I am going to actually start linking this site and officially launch “Operation Contacts” campaign in an attempt to gather some addresses of real people.

First up – Bioware Austin:
Yesterday I submitted my resume into the EAjobs site, applying for a Tester position down at BioWare Austin. The site gives very little feedback that I am not even sure if my application will ever reach an actual person down at the BioWare offices. So if anyone out there has a contact for anyone at that BioWare office, please contact me.

Next up – Turbine:
Yes, I can see that they don’t have any QA tester, Community Management, In-game support, or a heck “someone to brew fresh cups of coffee” jobs posted currently on their website, but I am not letting that stop me. Please contact me. if you can provide me an email address of someone I could send a little note to.


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