Wrapping my head around things.

This blog started with an idea that I would have a place online where every now and then I could post a thought, rant, review, comment.  I have never been very consistent about actual putting my thoughts down into words on the virtual page, but I have been able to pop on now and again and write something.  That was enough for me… until recently.

Lately I have had a lot of extra time, and with some of that time I have been reading several more blogs, interviews, and articles. Almost all of which I have some thought about one way or another, and all of which I really want to comment about. The problem is, I have to many of “well I think…” moments and people keep posting new blog entries faster than I can fully form and post my thoughts.  Some authors amaze me with how quickly they can post several long blog entries.

So today while I am off line out running around town, I am going to work on wrapping my head around the idea of getting one post up my blog a day. That does not mean I cannot think about other topics, but I have to not get thrown off track, or base my blog on thoughts that were kindled from other blogs.   It is so easy these days to get distracted, I must stay focused.

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