Life at the cap.

For the last two weeks I have only logged into World of Warcraft to raid and the sad part is I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. Well that is not entirely true; I do miss out on some socializing. Though when I think about the game play and ways to advance my character, the only things other than the raids I could do would involve stockpiling gold or emblems which I don’t really need more of. Sure I could work on an alt, but I feel attached to my priest. She is the one I have always wanted to level, she is the one I have sunk gold and time into, she is the one I want to play. Yet, there is nothing outside pve of raids that I can do to advance her.

This has been a problem with wow from its launch, and I am surprised that two expansions later and they still have not done something about it. Why must gear be the only way to advance a character at the level cap? I know I could work on achievements, and at one point I was 15th on my server, but achievement points do not improve my character. I want wow to embrace the idea of alternate/advanced experience. Give me another bar to fill, give me more points to gain, give me new or improved abilities to want. For example if there was way outside of 25 man raiding for me to get a Greater Heal spell that cost 5% less mana than the one I have now, I would work toward that.

Blizzard has made it so easy to level to the cap, and lowered the barrier to entry to raiding, to give more people something to do at the cap, yet in the end you can only do a couple of raids a week. So what do you want to fill your time with? Blizzard answer is alts or PvP; I say bah. The next patch does not look like it is going to change much of this. Sure I will have to adapt to the class changes, and there will be a new raid I can go to one a week, but still how do I fill the down time in between?

There is always hope they will address the issue in the next expansion. *shrug*

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