Operation Contacts 04

This is part 4 of my ongoing “Operation Contacts” campaign. A campaign in which I am attempting to gather some contact info for real people at places I have either already sent resumes to, or places I am interested in working at.

Today’s target: NCSoft West
I have been impressed with many of the products their studios have produces, and over the last three weeks I have added several positions my profile with them. At least two of those positions are still listed on their jobs page; QA Testers, and Sr. QA Tester. I believe I could fill either of those roles and would be very willing to move for them.

The first of the positions is particularly interesting to me since it looks to be at Carbine Studios; the studio where Tim Cain is currently at. There has not been much news on what the studio is working on, but given NCSoft’s focus on MMOs that genre would be a safe bet and one that very much excites me. I am very curious to know about what they are working on, but with Mr. Cain involved I would probably take the job even without knowing more information.

The other position, from the description, sounds like one working on on going content for an existing MMO; my guess would be City of Heroes. This is a game I played a lot of when it first launched, and still greatly enjoy. It has one of the best character/costume creations systems in the industry, one I literally spent whole nights messing with, and is a game I would be happy to help continue to support.

So as usual, if anyone who happens to stumble upon this knows anyone I could contact directly at NCSoft West, or Carbine Studios to talk a bit about these positions, please email me.


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