The Wednesday Wobble

With each passing day I continue my plunge further and further into the depths of middle earth.

I am on my fourth character, though my heart was never really into the third, and he just became a level 19 minstrel.  That matches the level of my champion whom I suspect will not see a whole lot more action simply due to time constraints.  Across these characters I have now played through the shire quests twice, Bree Land quests once while not yet completing the Ered Luin quests and I could easily see myself running an alt through the shire or Bree.

Other than a few issues I have with the paid horse routes and the pie&post quests, I am very pleased with the Shire as an adventuring zone. The story lines are interesting/funny, the rewards good, the pacing quick, and the scenery is fantastic. I probably mentioned all this before, but it is worth repeating.

As for my little hobbit. Bogindoc is a old, grumpy hobbit, that decided he was tired of constantly telling the youngins stories about other folk. So before his life was over he pledged to have an adventure all his own, one that was as grand as any he told. Of course he really never expected his adventure to start while simply carrying a message to a friend. No, no! Brigands, spiders, black riders, rangers; phooey on all of them. Bogindoc wanted to make his own adventure, and all these meddlers have started it for him and he had not time for tea or ale.  BAH! So be it, and thus he moved into his adventure.

That’s how it started, and thus far things are going well. He has had some mighty encounters (and some not so mighty) , made a few friends, gained some titles and has become quite the gatherer. I sure do hope it ends with an Ale.

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