Operation Contacts 02

Today is “Operation Contacts” part 2. My campaign to try and gather some addresses of real people I can contact at places I am interested in talking to about job, or I have already sent resumes to.

I took a look at their site when I got a tip they were looking to fill a position that I would be great in; Production Assistant. The job sounds great; the responsibilities match what I would like to be doing and the listed requirements match me very well. I also knew a friend of mine had interviewed with them and was very impressed by them, and that sealed the deal for me. Resume sent.

That was about three weeks ago and since then no response at all. I am not even sure if someone actually received my email. If someone out there has a contact email for a real person at Petroglyph, please drop me a note. I promise I wont badger or stalk them. I just want to ask about the position’s status?


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