While I have before kept a diary, journal, or semi updated web page I finally decided to give blogging a chance. It seems strange to me that I did not jump into this much earlier. *shrug* Oh well. I have suddenly felt the need to not just chronicle thoughts, but to in a way speak my thoughts, and a blog seemed like the best way to do this. I can not guarantee I will update at any regular pace, but I do want to make this a regular activity if I can.

This is a beginning, but not the beginning. I could take multiple pages and describe my self, family, friends, job, hobbies and everything else, but that would bore me. So instead I will just say hello world. This is the 40th day of my 34 year and this weekend my life changed.

This was a change on an order of magnitude that I can only think has happened twice before in my life. The first was the day I came to realize that not only did God exist, but that I needed him. The second was the day I met my wife. Yes you heard me, not the day we were married, but the day we met since I knew then my life would never be the same. Then we have this weekend. Now, I am not yet ready to share with everyone what happened this weekend, but you now know its pretty big.

I think that is enough to kick things off.

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