Games. . .

I love games. Board games, card games, role play games, video games, computer games. Now I am not a big sports player, but I do enjoy watching a game hear or there. Over the course of these entries I am sure I will talk about games, probably to the point of making my self a bit crazy.

Right now I am playing World of Warcraft, and I enjoy it very much. Maybe a bit too much. This is the first of these sorts of games my wife is actually playing, and that means a lot to me. I am currently putting in a couple of hours of play each night, usually with one or more friends. This is the first game, that I acutally think I will reach the level cap or at least I hope I will. Of course other games keep releasing and at some point I am going to want to play them. Geesh not enough time in the day.

Thinking about playing, I think I am going to play right now.

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