What am I going to do with those?

I walked through my house yesterday, trying to imagine what things are going to be like a year from now when the number of residents here has increased by one. Our house has three bedrooms; my wife and I have the big one, the second is used as our computer room (really its my play room), and the third used as a guest room though the closet is full of games and comic books.

Now I imagine that guests are not going to stop visiting and that my child is going to want/need their own room. This make me pose the title question. Some how I am going to have to find a place for guests to stay (time for a hotle to be built nearby) and a place to store all my junk. I am hoping by the time the baby arrives, I have been granted access to the alien technology my friends seem to have. *shrug* Oh well, I will work something out.

As a side note, I am reading some rather good comics right now. Over in the DC universe they just put into motion events that will cross many titles including a few mini series. Sure it is all a ploy to take my money, but at least the story is not that bad. In the marvel universe, I think the New Avengers is worth its cover price, lots of action and witty conversation. Not bad at all.

I think I am going to have to cut a few titles out of my regular buy list, I just can not keep paying as much as I do. Though every time I say that and cut some off, more titles come out that I really want. Bah! Its an addiction almost as bad as a good MMO.

Time to go. Friday night is buger night, and my wife just arrived with the main course. Sad part is there is not a new Battlestar Galactica to enjoy with my burger. If you have not seen the new series you really should, its much better than I expected it. I might have to dicuss my favorite recent TV shows some time, but not now.


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