City guy.

I have know for most of my life that I am a city guy. Not really a “big city guy” but the moderate sized urban areas fit me a bit more than the no one (or nothing) for miles country. Today we took a trip out to my wife’s mother’s new place, they moved out west a bit (three hours west). It only took a few minutes driving west before I realized there is nothing out here. Heck even the “cities” we passed were gone in two blinks.

I started to wonder what is it that I miss about the city. I mean if I had cable, and highspeed internet and a couple of decent stores what more did I need. All I can think is that I like the ambient people. As much as I dont care much for the crowds and traffic. I do like the people.

On the gamming front. I took my wife through her first WoW instance last night; The Deadmines. This was after Bogin spent four hours in Maraudon only to get booted at the end. It was a long, but very fun day. Again the game impressed me, and my wife.

Finally off my normal topics: Today I watched a great round of golf. Finally round of the Masters, fantasic. Go Tiger.

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