Game Time

Game time in my house currently runs from about 10pm to 2am. I have set this time aside, and pretty much every night I enjoy some time playing. The only down side to this time window is the fact that I can not really play console games in all their glory, since I have to keep the volume down. I am hoping that I will be able to preserve this game time even after the kiddo arrives, but I am flexible.

Funny thing is that even with 4 hours a day set aside I don’t seem to have time to play all the games I want to. Of course this has more to do with how I play games rather than the amount of time I have. WoW still fills most of my game time, and right now I am finding it hard to pull myself away from it.

On to more serious things; in one week my wife and I get to take the trip to have the first sonogram done. I feel like I am awaiting the biggest movie premier of my life. I am still a bit in shock that I am going to be a daddy. Some days at work, like today, I have a hard time staying focused. I pretty much spend the whole day with swimmy head. *sigh* Oh well , not much I can do about it, other than pray that I can stay focused, and hand my worries off to God.

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Stargate Season 7
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