There’s a baby in there

Yesterday I took my first trip with my wife to her doctor, as well as a sonographer. This is was a fascinating meeting where I was able to look at a live feed of my baby. Life is such a miracle, and I am so overwhelmed with this gift that God has granted us. With a quick flicker on the image we know that this ever so little (4mm) person’s heart is beating. Utterly amazing! Life is so precious, such fantastic those images encourage me to embrace every breath.

I think it is funny how being an expectant father changes, how people view you. It’s like I have joined a secret club one that only father’s can join. People want to give me advice and tell me stories about their baby, though I tend only to listen to my friends and filter out the rest. All I know is this is quite a big change in my life and I am glad it is happening.

Out on the gaming front:
Last weekend I purchased The Matrix Online. I probably would not have spent the money if Dusty had not put down his money. Now that I have it I am trying to play it enough to form more than first impressions and actually build some informed opinions. This would have been easier if blizzard had not added an honor system into WoW. This single change has had a dramatic effect of players creating armies and battling each other across the, now bloody, fields of Hillsbrad and Arthai. Minus the video and network lag these battles bring with them, they are amazingly fun. We witnessed the Horde push forward step by step behind a wall spells and totems. Much, much fun!

WoW and Matrix has been hording my time but I found a bit of time to play a bit of Jade Empire. So far it’s pretty good, but not Knights of the old Republic good. I am enjoying the story and game play enough to keep making time for it.

Next week is the release of Guild Wars. Again a new game I am interested in; a very competition driven game with no monthly fee. I think I will wait until my time is up with Matrix before I buy Guild Wars, but I am interested.

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