The Yuck.

Have you ever opened your eyes, and at the moment you realize you have to get up, your stomache wrenches. This feeling of your insides twisting, washes away the last of the sleep long enough for you to sit up and for your brain to realize that your head is pounding. As you push yourself out of the bed, the pounding, disorients you and a bit of dizzyness overcomes you. You stablize your self and walk ever so slowly to the bathroom. The water feels good on your face, but the wrenching tummy leads to an oh so familar sick taste in your mouth, one the singals only bad things.

Well that’s how I woke up this morning. *sigh* I was always under the impression that this kind of awaken happened to the pregnant mother, not the father.

So back to bed I went. Then three hours later, I stumbled out to the couch and the TV. Weekday TV is not what you should watch when you are sick, it deadens the brain. Lucky for me my wife inteveaved and turned it off, and I was able to slip back to sleep for a bit.

Now I am awake, the stomache wrenching has stopped, and my head only throbs instead of Pound. What to do now, I still dont feel well enough to do much so I sit and write this. Maybe one more nap is all I need, after a snack. Maybe then I will shed the Yuck and feel better.

The yuck will not win.

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