Some Movie Posters

An old friend of mine has a new movie review based blog; Babble-on 5. Today he poster his top five movie posters, and while I think the five he picked are great there are several more I would have to consider for my list. I am sure given more time I could find many more.

Also, as I mentioned on the original post, these posters probably stick in my head due to the fact that they are part of my childhood. The Star Trek poster, one I don’t even find very pretty, is a perfect example.

Oh, and do not take this as my list. Without me spending a whole lot of time looking at movie posters from the past 100 years I don’t think I could make a list of my favorites.

Edit: Gah, how could I forgot the poster for the 1978 Superman; thanks to my wife for reminding me.



Star Wars

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Star Trek: The Motion Picture



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