Season Finales

Time passes so quickly sometimes. I can not believe two weeks have passed since my last entry. I returned from the test conference in Orlando; I watched Episode 3 two times; watch the season finales of Alias, Lost, and CSI; read a stack of comics; completed Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory; and started playing WoW again. Looking over that list I might has well make some quick comments on some of those things.

  • Splinter Cell: This, while frustrating at times, is a great game. Loads of sneaky special ops fun, and I never even tried the multiplayer which I hear is great.
  • Episode 3: Sure it has some bad dialog, some odd plot points, and like the other prequels messes up the extended universe, but I enjoyed it both times I saw it. It’s a sad tale, one that makes me look at the original stories a bit differently than I did before.
  • CSI: I don’t take the time to watch all the different flavors of this show, just the original. I thought the finale did a good job highlighting the characters and the team. It was a compelling story and was fun to watch.
  • Lost: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. More questions than answers after watching the finale. I really like this show but I fear it may go the way of X-files and be great at creating mysteries and not good at revealing them.
  • Alias: This season opened poorly. Almost so bad to make us stop watching, but we stuck it out. It got better not great but better. Then it ended with a bang. The last three episodes were really good. I sure do hope they don’t start next season out as poorly as this one.
  • Test Conference: *sigh* about as much fun as it sounds. This made me realize how good GDC and E3 were.
  • WoW: After about three weeks away, I started playing again. This is a really good game, and I am totally compelled to play again. I want to see level 60.

I think that about sums things up.

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