The Bat-Man

I have just returned from seeing the new Batman movie; “Batman Begins”. There is a lot to like in this film and I may, after another viewing and re-watching Tim Burton’s Batman, have to call this film the best of the Batman movies. At this point I would call it a tie.

They are different films, and though they focus on similar themes they do so with different styles. In the end I think Tim Burton’s Batman will fall to second place in my mind because of two key points; the use of music that ties the film to the 1980s and the death of the joker. If Burton had locked the joker in Arkham Asylum and used avoided the use of Prince’s musical accompaniment, I think the gothic darkness and comic book framming might keep this one at the head of the pack. That of course is my first thought. I will share my decision in a few weeks.

On the gaming front, the Battlefield 2 demo was released a few days ago and I have been playing it a lot. I am not a very good shot, but I have been able to stay entertained. The way the game encourages the use of sqauds and voice communication, really does help the game stand out. Of course this is just posing as a diversion to my level 60 goal in World of Warcraft. I am already beginning to itch for completing some quests and closing in on my goal.

Enjoy the week.

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