It has been a while and I felt the need to poke my head in and say a few words. First Guilds.

I am still playing World of Warcraft, just hit level 60, and I have been in a fairly large guild. Lately there has been lots of ruckus in our chat channel and a few members have left. Why? Because people are selfish and mean.

See, When a guild ages, it inevitably gets top heavy. I have seen it happen so many times, and no matter how many alts are started, more and more characters will be at the high or end game content. People join guild for the support of each other, and if most of those people are high level, then guild activities are going to be more focused on the high level. That does not mean all guild activities, and it does not mean the lower level members are lesser in any way. It is just the way things are.

Of course people are selfish and mean. So when a member decides he/she needs help with something, they ask in chat. Now with a large guild chat gets does get a lot of noise. But even I see most requests for help. What happens next is interesting; if the request is not answered quickly the requester often gets upset. They believe that all the high level people in the guild are to busy and selfish to help them.

Bah. The high levels, heck any levels are probably just busy trying to accomplish whatever it is they are currently working on.

Then, it always seems to happen, multiple ignored requestors will share stories about how the high levels did not help, and then complain about how the guild is now catering only to the high level membership.

Inevitably this is when guild leadership will step in and try to smooth things over. They will explain this and that, how they have tried to keep the lowbies involved. This I feel is a mistake.

I mean, come on, you are not fooling anyone. Sure the guild is open for all but if the majority of members are level X then the guild’s focus should be on that level. This is because at the core people join to be part of doing things with other members.

Now I would never say this to my current guild directly, because it is not my place. I am a member, nothing more. I try to help those whom ask, and I try to take part in activities that I can attend. Other than that I just like being part of something bigger than my character alone.

Now back to the real world.

Today was my last day at my current job. One of the reasons I have not posted in a while, was because of this. A bit suppositious, I know.

I am leaving a full time gig at a place that while not happy, was a decent job. The people I worked with day in and out, were good people, but I was not compelled to stay, once I was given an offer. Well the illusion of security and pay at that job did factor in to the decision, but those were the only real reasons, and I did not like having those as my only reasons.

So Monday I start on a short term contract back at Ensemble Studios. I am very excited about this opportunity, and I am praising God everyday for it. I am slated to be working on testing the Single Player Campaign, and I am thrilled.

I plan to post more often once I get into the new job, but now it is time for dinner.

–Oh and I did rewatch both Batman movies and Batman begins does now reign in my book as the best Batman movie.

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