First week. *crunch*

I just finished my first week back at Ensemble, and I have to say it feels pretty good. This is a company where the employees are treated as assets and not office supplies. Actually in many ways the employees treated almost like family, though a slightly dysfunctional one.

My time this week has been spent solely on the Single Player Campaign; I have already played most of the scenarios twice on the happy path and am not starting to play them in the non-expected ways. I have come on to the project at the end of the dev cycle and of course this was a week of twelve hour days leading up to a milestone. It has been a bit tough not seeing my wife in the evenings, but the fact that even after a few days I am feeling vested in the project makes the late nights worth it.

One the gaming front, I download a free 10 day trail of Dark Age of Camelot. I figured its been a few years since I played it, and I might as well see what they have done to it. So this weekend I am going to give it a spin.

*Glances at the clock* it is time to get myself on the way home or at least I think it is. *sigh*

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