It’s time again for an update. I must apologize for not making updating more often; I am just not very good at remembering to take the time to write. Let me see, since my last update the biggest news was our family trip to the North.

My wife and I accompanied my mother up to Wisconsin to bury my grandmother, while up that way we spent some time in Chicago. Wisconsin is very nice this time of year, and we took advantage of the nice weather. While up there we visited a dairy farm, picked our own cherries, took a horseback ride, and ate at a few local restaurants. In Chicago, we visited the field museum, the shedd aquarium, the navy pier, took a nice river tour of downtown, and the highlight for me was visiting my uncle. I have not seen my uncle since my father’s funeral, over ten years ago. Overall it was a pretty good trip but I was very ready to be home.

On to other things; I am in my third week back here at Ensemble, and I am having a blast. We are a fairly tight schedule over the next eight weeks, which translates into twelve hour days for until we ship. Now while none of us really want to work these kind hours, everyone is so passionate about making a good game that most focus not on the hours we all have to work but the game itself.

Recently Watched:
Stargate SG-1 Season 8
Stargate Atlantis Season 1
Battlestar Galactica Season 2
Must Love Dogs

Still a bit of WoW, though with crunch and the trip my play time has lessened.
Closed beta for an MMO in production (one that focuses on ground transportation).
Just purchased and will be playing, Space Rangers 2

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