Don’t Trust the Hard Drive or TV Producers

It is time again for me to record some thoughts, and I would apologize for the lack of updates; that is if I had promised any.

First a warning:
Your hard drive has no love for you. It will leave you with out warning, taking all your stuff with it. It has no heart. It does not care. Believe me I know, that was the one thing my hard drive did tell me the moment before it died.

Really, a couple of weeks back I had not only a hard drive die, I lost a video card and a cooling fan. I am not sure but I think there might be some sort of rebellion taking place inside my computer. Well the whole thing taught me a lesson; do not trust the hard drive. I am now, backing up all my critical data onto a external hard drive and optical disk.

My wife and I finally caught up to the current episodes of Stargate SG1. *sigh* So far we both think they should have probably ended the show with season eight. Not that the show is that much worse than the before, it just feels like a completely different show. I almost wish they had just let SG1 end, and let Atlantis be the focus. Then during the Atlantis mid-season break show an SG1 mini series. This mini-series would be used to set up a movie and possible other series. But no, the money is too good so we now have a season nine.
Good news is that Stargate Atlantis to be having a pretty good second season, imo, to the point that it has a season pass on my tivo.

The long days of crunch are starting to blend together, and I feel it is only going to get worse. The game is looking good, but the bug counts are not yet where they would like them to be. As always I am impressed with the way the whole studio focuses to get the game done. Now these long hours do have an effect on my gaming time. When I get home at night I just do not feel like looking at a computer screen. Lately I have been able to spend a bit of time checking my email and reading some forums, but I have not been able to spend time playing games.

The up side of not playing Wow each night is that I have started playing some Vs., Upper Deck’s superhero TCG. There is something calming about interacting with a game in a tactile fashion. I like the game a bunch, it has many levels of strategy. Unfortunately to be competitive you have to spend a lot of money buying rare cards. Oh well, we still have a good time.

One more TV tidbit. If you have not been watching the new Battlestar Galactica you are missing out. This is the best Sci-fi show since Firefly.

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