Hot work, games, tv, and tempatures

I really wish I could get myself to write entries more often, but it never seems a priority.

Lots of stuff going on. We have been crunching (12 hour work days) for several weeks straight, and it looks like we are about to go gold. (edit: we went gold!) Then its right into patch work, we want to have a patch ready for when the game hits the street. Yea, patches stink we know. But in order to get on the shevels when we want we have to send a cut to duplication a few weeks ahead of time. This always leaves us with fixes we would like to get in but could not, and I think thats a good thing. It also looks like our community site is going to be going live in a few days, which means my moderator duties will be kicking in. I think its going to be a fun task, I hope we get a lot of traffic and we can manage it all.

As for gaming, WoW still sucks time out of me. I have been having trouble finding things for Bogin, my level 60 rogue, to do. Pick up raid groups are hard to get into and started in my window of play, and I don’t have a lot of friends at my level that I can play with. The good news is I have been playing my priest character a bit more, and might actually catch up to my wife’s pally. I really enjoy playing with her, its a totally different game than when I played through with Bogin. In addition I started a druid on another server so I could play with some of the guys from the office. This has been a blast! Playing alts has reinvigorated WoW to me.

TV. Is it me or is television programming just keep getting better? I mean in the last couple of years there has been; Lost, firefly, farscape, CSI, Alias, Battlestar Galactica, 24,Justice League, and a bunch of shows that I hear are good but do not watch. I do not remember there ever being so my high quality shows on TV. Amazing.

Note Lost seaon 2 opening five minutes were fantastic, and the BSG mid-season finale was some of the most emotional television I have seen.

In the news its been Hurricanes, judges, gas prices and who to blame for everyone problems.

And on a final note; Its been a hot September.

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