I am not much of a music listener. Not that that my listen habits are a big deal or anything, but I do often find myself lost in conversations about recent bands or new songs. Its not that I don’t enjoy music, I just more often find myself listening to talk radio or podcasts, than I do music. Heck if podcasts were around back when I was a teenager (when I listened to a lot of music), I probably would have not listened to music as much.

When I do listen to music I find myself drawn to Soundtracks for games, movies, and anime. I often find myself listening to Streaming Soundtracks, a great streaming music site with a huge variety of songs.

My discussion about music, is on hold due to a Tivo emergency. I have no idea why my Tivo decided to record a rerun of House tonight instead of Heroes. At least my wife caught the error and I am now getting half of the show. And , yes Heroes is above House on my priority list. This is not the first time I have seen my Tivo make a mistake like this but the other times I caught them in time. Gargh , Tivo is not supposed to make these kinds of errors. It is why I have a Tivo. Sigh, at least I have alternatives.

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