My Tivo thinks to much

So I believe I discovered what the problem was with my Tivo last night. It was trying to be too smart.

See, I had Heroes ahead of House on my season pass priority list, but I also had them both set to record new and rerun episodes (if possible). So my theory is Tivo looked over the program listings for the week, saw that this episode of heroes was also airing Friday night, and if it records it, then it can also record the house episode that aired last night. Tivo thought it was doing the right thing since it would be able to record more shows I wanted. What it did not know, was that I would rather it skip a rerun of house in order to record the first run of Heroes so I could watch it right away.

I am guessing that if I had changed the setting on Heroes to “first run only” it would have properly recorded last night’s episode. But then the problem is if a show higher on my priority list happened to air on at the same time as Heroes, Tivo would not then record the Heroes re-run on Fridays. *sigh* So in the future I will be checking my “to do list” on the mornings of big shows.

And the good news is there are several ways for us to see the episode today.

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