Dragon Age and Modern Warfare

Over the last 10 days I have played a lot of Dragon Age, and enjoyed every minute. It is a fantastic game, full of so many things I like. I am sure I will write up all of my thoughts and comments after I finish this first play through.  All I wanted to say today was if you like RPGs and you have not started playing this yet, then go right now and play.

Heck the only thing that stopped me from playing was the Modern Warfare 2, peer pressure. This game has a short campaign, that I wanted to complete so I did not have to fight to avoid spoilers.   The gameplay in the campaign was, minus a few exceptions, a whole lot of fun even if the story was to me a bit nonsensical.

I will give it at least a week before I go into any details. But I will say that after the awesomeness I felt from the narrative in MW1, MW2 was a big let down. Good news for them, the game play is top notch and their multiplayer aspect of the game (co-op and competitive) are going to be where most players spend their time.

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