Two Months into 2010

Time slips by so quickly. We are two months through 2010, and I am way overdue on an update.   I don’t really have a topic, so just started typing.

I am still free from World of Warcraft, and thus taking the time to play a lot of other games.  Some of the games I have played in the last two months include:

  • Dragon Age  (still working on)
  • Mass Effect 2 (finished playthrough 1: thumbs up)
  • Team Fortress 2 (having fun with some co-workers; such a great game to just pick up and play)
  • Battle Star Galactica Board Game  (Greatness in the form of a boardgame)
  • D&D (yes face to face with other people)
  • Dominion (I am still a noob at this card game, but I already love it)
  • Everquest 2 (Yes an MMO I enjoy but am not addicted to)
  • Allods Online (I want to play more, but for now I have only played a tiny bit, with my daughter)
  • Borderlands  (I <3 co-op mass killing of baddies with crazy weapons)
  • A variety of Xbox and Iphone Demos

I am amazed at the variety of gaming I engage in when I am not addicted to an MMO.  I think one of the neat things about that list is the fact that I do play EQ2, but  just enough to enjoy it while not becoming obsessive.    Looking ahead, I see Bioshock 2 and Final Fantasy 13 purchases both of which I am excited to play.

Next update I promise I will have a real topic, maybe something about DLC, DRM, Cash shops, subscription prices, or developer-community relations. Actually never mind,when I read blogs or listen to podcasts about all those topics I generally want to scream.  So it’s probably not a good idea for me to write about them.


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