PS3 Outage

Last week I realized there are finally enough exclusive PS3 game that I want to play to make me I decided it was time to get one.   So check at my local Best Buy while I was there picking up some printer ink; OUT OF STOCK.   The next day I check Target; OUT OF STOCK.  So I run across the street to Walmart; OUT OF STOCK.

Fine I will check Fry’s near the office at lunch; OUT OF STOCK.  *throws hands up*   Ok, I will call Gamestop I am sure they will have one; OUT OF STOCK.   Its an epidemic, I start calling several other stores out of my normal driving paths all return back to me the same Response; OUT OF STOCK.   So getting it local is not going to happen, no worries I will just order it from amazon and get in a few days.

Wrong. Amazon has zero 120gig slims, for sale at MSRP, they only have 3rd party sellers pushing them at a premium.

It appears someone does not want me (or anyone) to actually to buy a PS3.

[update] After writing the above out of a bit of frustration, I started again calling local-ish stores.  The 13th location had just received a shipment and put one on hold for me for an hour.   Thus last night I was finally able to load up Uncharted 2 and Final Fantasy XIII.

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