What I’ve Been Playing

This is my first new “What I’ve Been Playing” update. The first of I what I hope many regular updated, but we shall see.

Everquest 2
While I have several characters on two accounts, I am still a very casual player.  I have one pair of characters, a conjurer and Templar, that I play most of the time and have almost up to level 40.  Most of the other characters I started have been either sat idle or are only active to craft.   I am taking it slow , playing maybe an hour a night and enjoying the world and all the activities it provides.

I  have to thank all the awesome members of The Halasian Empire.  Four months ago they took me, an EQ2 noob, in and they have aided and supported me as I move, ever so slowly, through content.   They are good people!

Dragon Age Orgins
Yes, I am still playing and working to finish up my first play through.  I believe I am finally close to the end, I am facing off against a large dragon on a rooftop.  I suspect next time I play I will finish the game.  This was a fun game, I love the banter between the characters and hate that my character does not have a voice.  It feels extra odd after playing through Mass Effect 2.

Final Fantasy XIII
I have put around 20 hours into this and find myself in the middle of chapter 9.  Up until now it is has played like watching an anime interrupted by a string of combats.  I enjoy the combats and enjoy the movies, but the in MY face linearity is a bit off-putting.

Heavy Rain
This was the 3rd game I bought for my PS3 and not only first that I finished (twice) but I think the first game my wife watched me play all of. We both enjoyed the experience and I would recommend it to any of my gaming friends.

Allods Online
It has been a very short amount of time, but some of my favorite recent gaming moments.  For a few minutes each night before bedtime my daughter and I have been putting some time into this game.   I had her help me make a character, and I let her operate some of the controls as we  run around and blast fight baddies.  It has been some great fun, and the fact that’s its F2P means I don’t have to worry about a monthly sub. for a game we play only about hour a month.

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