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  • E3 ‘09: Thoughts part 2

    Yes, I know I did not make it back last night; sorry. (Apologizing to myself is a bit odd *shrug*) Anyway after the break I get back to my quick hits about games and game news from E3’09

  • E3 ’09: Thoughts part 1

    Even though I have seen the smoke and mirrors first hand I still fall for it every year. You need to remember that while watching all the E3 coverage E3 is all about generating hype. Yes, sometimes that hype is achieved by showing what is mostly real gameplay, but for most games on display its […]

  • Friday Freakout

    The Sims 3 While I did enjoy playing around with my little sims in both previous games, I have never been an avid Sims player. I did not buy any of the 15+ expansions that were released for the previous games, and I doubt I will be buy any for this third installment. But that […]

  • Questions about my gaming history

    Over the years when I have interviewed at game studios I almost always get asked a few questions that are used, I guess, to find out more about an applicants gaming history/passion.  For some reason these questions make me crazy, because they seem to me more like a question people would answer over coffee or […]

  • Start of April News

    Below are some items I found of particular interest today. I will post more as I find them but there is no telling how long these links will be valid so get them fast. Lotro lore breach? The Daiblo 3 Archivist Qualcomm’s convergance Interactive Portal shirts Unicorn Chaser Tauntaun Sleeping bag Alpine legend CADIE and […]

  • EQ2 UI mods

    I forgot to mention in my previous EQ2 post , that the game does have a good number of built in UI customibility as well as provide some additional user modification. Being who I am, I of course had to jump out and test a few out, settling on these: ProfitReborn EQMap With these plug […]

  • Back to Norrath: Part 2

    So it has now been a week since I started my return to Norrath, and thus far I am very impressed. I have played for a couple of hours every day and leave each session with a goal for the next; which is how I want every MMO session to end. If I ever log […]

  • Back to Norrath: Part 1

    A few weeks ago I surprised myself by installing and logging into Everquest. I had been reading about the changes that had been made to the game over the years and wanted to see them for myself. Sadly the between the games graphics and slow-dull early level fights, I did not even make it out […]