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  • This is not the SWG you are looking for.

    The other day my inbox greeted me with a message from SWG. Apparently as a part of a promotion my account has been re-activated, and I was invited to come back and give the game some attention. Overwhelmed with emotion, I rushed back. Ok, maybe not overwhelmed, but there was a bit of emotion; fear. […]

  • RNG Achievements

    I really dislike achievements in wow that are not really things players achieve, but instead are more like battles against the random number generator. Seriously, if we are going to have such items on the achievement list they should have a dynamic value assigned to them. What I mean is if I catch a “rare” […]

  • Socially Networked!

    Yesterday I opened the door to Twitter and with that I am now connected to facebook, twitter, this blog, my various emails, and linkedin. I am starting to wonder how much is too much connectivity. *shrug* I do know that all this instant communication and inter connectivity does make me want a phone with internet […]

  • A peek at Waarrgh.

    Warhammer Online has a “recruit a friend” program I was able to take advantage of to give the game a peek. Thus far I have made it past installation and into about ninety minutes of gameplay, and have not hated it. After the initial installation last night, I created a character and played for about […]

  • My Wrath thus far

    Wrath of the Lich King has been out for over over a month now, and there have been a lot of comments about it being the “easy” expansion. In one way I have to agree, since I have had my priest at level 80 for three weeks of the five week since launch, and have […]

  • The second fable of the lich king left 4 dead fallout.

    So many games; really, too many. Started with Fable 2, which has surprised me. Its fun, colorful, and pulls me in when I play it. Sadly a week later Fallout 3 arrives, a game I have been waiting for for a long time. It is spot on, captures the feel and a whole lot of […]

  • Post 2008 election thought.

    First, congratulations to Barack Obama on yourwin. While I disagree with pretty much all of your policy stances, I will support the office of the president. I will pray for your well being, and that as you faces the challenges ahead you do so with God in you heart, and mind. Second, if I hear […]

  • Saying goodbye to a PC and cable TV.

    I am not really sure what happened. Last week my secondary computer, the workhorse, started to freeze up at seeming random times. At first it was a once here and there every few days, then it once a day, once an hour, and finally a few seconds after windows loaded. As if that was not […]