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  • My look back at 2009

    I thought a lot this week about my 2009 games of the year, as I saw gaming sites all over the internet posting their lists in various different formats.   I was going to skip the whole thing, because I did not want to be a “me too” poster.  Then I took a pause today and […]

  • Aion Beta Afterthoughts

    It has now been a week since I last played Aion, and longer since I last put any thoughts down about it.  Though in that time as I re-read my previous posts and posts of others I felt a few more things rattling around. So I made the decision to let these last few […]

  • Saturday Sitdown

    Aion part 3 part 1, part 2 I interrupt this normally sane blog with a freakout. You can find my real post after the break. GAH! I am not sure how many more missing quest objects and quest people I can take in a single game. The insane mechanic that only one person can interact […]

  • Friday Fun

    Aion Part 2 part 1 Yesterday I made a quick list of some three hour impressions. Well I did go back last night and played for another four or so hours, and had a pretty good time. Thus now with a total of about eight hours of Aion and leveling my cleric up to level […]

  • Thursday Thoughts

    Aion Beta I entered today’s Aion Beta with a lot of ignorance. What I mean is I have not been reading lots of Aion forums, studying web sites or researching items, quests, classes, etc. I came into the game relatively naive, which is an odd thing for me.  I met up with my friend […]

  • Monday Madness

    There has been a lot of news the last few weeks, and most of it covered sufficently by the big sites, more “real” bloggers, and the twitterverse. Thus every time I have sat down to try and write a post I have stopped by thinking, “This has been talked about enough by others, and I […]