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  • Bad vs Good Matchmaking

    Hello again everyone.   Its been a busy summer for me, I have made sure to keep some time to play games and I figure its time for another “what I’ve been playing” update.    This time two games I’ve played approached a system in such strong opposite fashion that I’ve title my post around it.  Matchmaking. […]

  • I’m Already Saved

    With all the discussion’s lately of cataclysm Raid changes, my mind started pondering how much I don’t like the way current Raid IDs are implemented.   In doing so I started thinking about ways I would improve the system and came to the same conclusion I did a few years back.   When I do this sort […]

  • The Powerhouse

    I think all MMO players should at least try Champions Online to at least experience the Powerhouse. This is something which I feel any game that requires players to pick talents, abilities, skills, or what not should have something similar to. As with most MMOs as you gain levels you gain abilities and other improvements, […]

  • Craft This

    After reading a some blogs and tweets about MMO crafting I wanted to off and write a giant post explaining where I currently stand on crafting. I wanted to talk about where I see game doing well, where I see games failing, where I would like to see game go and so on.  Then […]

  • Taking heat for dissecting a game

    Over the last couple of days there has been a bit a stir in the MMO blogging community, mostly because of a post on Wolfshead Online where he decided to take a critical look at EQ2’s first 15 minutes. I love this kind of post, because I enjoy when people really look at a specific […]

  • Some solo thoughts. No wait, they are group thoughts.

    The other day because of twitter, I found myself thinking about the whole solo vs. group content found in MMOs. In particular how much content of each type is enough. My mind spins when I try to discuss the topic with people, because everyone is different. We all have our own backgrounds, predispositions, likes, dislikes, […]

  • Aion Beta Afterthoughts

    It has now been a week since I last played Aion, and longer since I last put any thoughts down about it.  Though in that time as I re-read my previous posts and posts of others I felt a few more things rattling around. So I made the decision to let these last few […]

  • Saturday Sitdown

    Aion part 3 part 1, part 2 I interrupt this normally sane blog with a freakout. You can find my real post after the break. GAH! I am not sure how many more missing quest objects and quest people I can take in a single game. The insane mechanic that only one person can interact […]