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  • Roller Coaster

    Wow, the last few weeks have been a roller coaster. Three weeks ago I was unemployed hoping that a job lead I was perusing would actually come through. It did, and then two weeks ago I had my first day on the job right as the team I joined was finishing up one milestone and […]

  • Back to Work.

    Job Offer Verbally Accepted! I am so very, excited and thankful.  Thank you to all my friends and family that have been praying and encouraging me throughout this time of unemployment. Work starts on Sept. 1, which only gives me a few days to actually try and enjoy some “time off” before I jump […]

  • Questions about my gaming history

    Over the years when I have interviewed at game studios I almost always get asked a few questions that are used, I guess, to find out more about an applicants gaming history/passion.  For some reason these questions make me crazy, because they seem to me more like a question people would answer over coffee or […]