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  • Mods for my trip back to Azeroth

    I posted this list of addons I’m currently using over on G+, but I’m copying it over here to make sure I could easily find it in the future.  If I remember, I’ll edit this post later with some screenshots highlight the various mods. _NPCScan _NPCScan.Overlay Atlas Atlas Loot Enhanced Auctioneer Bagnon Bartneder4 Bazooka and […]

  • Monday Madness: mods & addons

    *sigh, rant on* Hello, I am an add-on addict. If a game allows modding of any sort, I seem drawn to them and in some cases find it hard to play the game with out them.  I have always thought games were made better or at least had their lifespans increased by allowing the […]

  • EQ2 UI mods

    I forgot to mention in my previous EQ2 post , that the game does have a good number of built in UI customibility as well as provide some additional user modification. Being who I am, I of course had to jump out and test a few out, settling on these: ProfitReborn EQMap With these plug […]