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  • Thought Collection: Blizzcon 2010

    No I am not part of some secret plot to steal other people’s thoughts.  I am in fact collecting several of my own thoughts on various topics and storing them away, for future reference. Expectations and Announcements I am sick of hearing about how dull this year’s con was simply because Blizzard did not use […]

  • /Rant

    Over the last couple of weeks there have been a couple of topics that frazzled me a bit when I heard them discussed. I really try not to respond to podcaster or blogger comments that I disagree with, because I do not feel I can debate well with the written word.  I am much more […]

  • Dear Blog, I need to rant.

    Dear Blog, I hope you don’t mind listening, but I feel I need to unload and you have always been a good shoulder for me to cry on. But the last couple of weeks have been exceptional.  I know I told you I was playing World of Warcraft again. I have been really enjoying my […]

  • Second Skin

    I starting watching the documentary “second skin”, and about 20 minutes in I started making comments to my screen. After a bit I decided that instead of watching the whole thing and then writing something up I would just write things down as I watch.   These comments are pretty much unedited and written […]

  • My Priest QQ

    Before I get really going on my rant, I need to remind anyone visiting why I write this blog. This is a place for me to record my thoughts and opinions on things, so I can make sure I get them recoded. Today’s topic is a bit of reflecting on how I feel about blizzard’s […]