Yo Joe?

I did see GI Joe, and I enjoyed it. Yes there was some bad CG. Yes the plot had insane holes. Yes there was several times where things simply did not make any sense. So how could I, particularly after complaining so much about Transformers 2, enjoy GI Joe?

Some Movie Posters

An old friend of mine has a new movie review based blog; Babble-on 5. Today he poster his top five movie posters, and while I think the five he picked are great there are several more I would have to consider for my list. I am sure given more time […]

Movie Watch

Star Trek = Good. No, it was really good. So good I am trying to encourage everyone to go see it. Support this movie, because I want more of this Star Trekk and I want it soon. It was so entertaining in fact that it made me do a quick […]