Monday Madness

After two weeks of sporadic playing of Lord of the Rings Online (lotro), I have begun calling it the “grown up” MMO; the adult to World of Warcraft’s teenager. This is because of three main things; requiring some work/thought from the player, the sense of mystery it retains, and the […]

Reading List Realization

While looking at my own blog page I came to the realization that I have not yet read a book this year. That makes me cry a little inside. To encourage myself I am truncating the visible length off the 2008 list and starting a new 2009 list. Maybe seeing […]

The Wednesday Wobble

Yes, I know its technically Thursday. QQ The Gamestop gift card I had burning a hole in my pocket finally got used when I picked up a copy of Dawn of War 2. I am a huge Warhammer 40k fan, and even with all the success Dawn of War 1 […]

Sunday Evening Coffee

I have done several 25 man pugs runs of Nax, and while most have been fun they have all also been tedious in some way. The frustrations of getting stuck on a boss and having people not wanting to actually work at beating it, the spats over loot, the frustrations […]

Lotro Session Three

Last night, or shall I say early this morning, I had another fun play session in Lord of the Rings Online. This time I was playing my new hunter a human female names Laurwynn. I went with human again for two reasons: First my daughter wanted “my girl” to look […]

Adventure back in The Shire

Tom Chick, over at Quarter to Three, proposed an Lord of the Rings game night where once a week forumers would come together in the virtual world of Lotro and adventure together. I played Lotro for about a month at launch, and while I had fun I felt alone. See […]