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  • Starfield Gameplay Trailer Thoughts (2022)

  • My Deus Ex Revolution

    Last night (actually it was very early this morning) I finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and overall I thought it was a lot of fun.   Three things that stood out after a night’s rest: 1. The music The music is FANTASTIC. Seriously the soundtrack from the opening logos to the very end cinematic are […]

  • Weekend End

    Dear blog, Things have been real busy, as usual, and have several things I have wanted to talk to you about and just have not made the time to. World of Warcraft Blues I’m not talking item color but how I have been feeling about the game.  While I enjoyed the heck out of the […]

  • Dragon Age: Origins Day 1

    Yesterday Dragon Age: Origins was released and since I had it pre-loaded from Steam, I was ready to play when it unlocked.  Well I say ready to play , but what I really mean is I was ready to go OCD on acquiring my pre-order / collectors edition DLC. I was working when it […]

  • You got your story in my shooter!

    Call of Duty 4, xbox360 When Call of Duty 4 was released a lot of people I know told me I needed to play it, so I borrowed a 360copy and gave it a try. It seemed alright, but all it did was reinforce my belief that I suck at console FPSs. Actually, my thought […]