Dragon Age: Origins Day 1

Yesterday Dragon Age: Origins was released and since I had it pre-loaded from Steam, I was ready to play when it unlocked.  Well I say ready to play , but what I really mean is I was ready to go OCD on acquiring my pre-order / collectors edition DLC.

I was working when it unlocked so I could not simply start playing , that would have to wait until later in the evening, but I could make sure I had all my DLC installed. Something I expected to take a minimal amount of work, was surprisingly confusing and broken. I finally gave up and when the work day was over I simply started the game with no dlc installed.

In total I have played for about 2 hours, and it has been a great experience thus far. Each of the character backgrounds gets their own start of the game, and I have now played the Human Noble and the Elven Mage storys up to a point where the story lines look to converge.  The human noble was a much stronger experience than the mage one was to me, even though I really like the lore behind DA’s magic system.  I won’t give anything away, but the Human noble storyline clicked with me, and actually envoke a bit of emotion from me. Sure its a bit cliched but it was presented well, and they gave me a Dog!

Tonight I hope to give the myself some extended time in the game, though I will most likely not press forward much. Instead I will probably play through more of the background stories. I suspect I am going to be playing this game for a long time.

Oh, and this morning when I got up and launched the game I found all my DLC was being downloaded. It appears that whatever was broken was finally fixed.


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